Let us introduce our staff:

Teachers:  Nancey Lowenberg and Diana Ramsey
Speech Therapist:  Caroline Sojourner and Lisa Abbott
Speech Assistant:  Kassondra Snyder
Paraprofessionals:  Estela Alva, Marlene Clark,
Michele Clark, Vicky Flum, Amy Hall,
Marisol Hardin, Megan Hoffman,
and Amber Neal

General Information:   

*Please send your child with a backpack for transporting items from school and home.

*Please label all items with your child's name. (Example:  jackets, hats, etc.)

Please remember to keep your child home from school if he/she is sick.  We have children in class who are extremely susceptible to any colds or viruses so please take extra precautions.  We are very serious about this.

We are excited about this year and are looking forward to getting acquainted with your child.  Our desire is to be available to assist you whenever you need us, but we would ask that you call after school hours at 2:00 P.M.  If there is an emergency before school we do have voicemail so feel free to leave us a message.  Please let us know if we are overlooking anything that you need or if you have any questions.  We wish to make this school year a positive experience for you and your child.

Our color for the month of March is purple 
and our shape for the month is an oval. Please talk with your child about things that are purple and things that are ovals in their environment.

 Important Phone Numbers:

Classroom phone:(760) 787-4425
School Office phone:(760) 787-4400
Pupil Services phone:(760) 787-2039
Transportation phone:(760) 787-2058