Bicycle Rules

Bicycle Rules

  1. Students, grades 3-6, who ride bicycles to school should complete the Ramona Elementary Bicycle Safety program.
  2. Bicycles are to be placed in the bicycle rack with LOCKS on the bicycle.
  3. No students are to remain in the bike area, nor should they enter the bike area during the day.
  4. Bicycles are not to be ridden in the hallways or on the playground at any time.
  5. Walk bicycles across the street and down the sidewalks when entering or exiting the school.
  6. Enter and exit school along the sidewalks to the bike rack.
  7. Bicycles are not to be ridden on the school sidewalks or across campus at any time,
  8. Riding two people on a bicycle is unlawful and unsafe.
  9. Always obey all traffic laws, signs and signals.
  10. Keep bicycle in good mechanical condition.
  11. Bikers disobeying or defying Safety Patrol orders will be in jeopardy of losing bike riding privileges.
  12. Be respectful at all times to supervisors and fellow students.
  13. A discipline referral will be issued to students not following bicycle rules.
  14. Bicycle helmets are required when coming to or going home from school.

Bike Riders and walkers must cross at street corners or crosswalks only. This will be enforced.