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School Profile

over 2 years ago


Ramona Elementary School is one of five elementary schools located in the rural community of Ramona, California, approximately forty miles northeast of San Diego. Ramona Elementary School has been educating children since 1891.  The current facility was built in the early 1940’s with major additions in the 1950’s.  Relocatable classrooms have been added in the years since to create a school of 37 classrooms, including the district’s special education pre-school.  A media center houses the library, computer lab, the school psychologist and an itinerant speech/language therapist.  In addition, the music/art room houses two part-time teachers who provide instruction in the fine arts.  Aging site facilities and a growing population provide the staff and students with unique challenges.


Student Demographics

Ramona Elementary School is currently the district’s only Schoolwide Title I site.  The student demographics are comprised of 72% free and reduced lunch.  Our enrollment serves pre-K through grade 6, which includes a district-wide program for preschool handicapped and severely handicapped students.  In October 2001, there were 727 K-6 students enrolled.  Of these students, 41% are white, 55% are Hispanic, and 4% are Asian, American Indian, black, Filipino, or Pacific Islander.



Ramona Elementary School is comprised of a staff of 93.  We have 29 regular education  certificated teachers and are serviced by 16 additional certificated staff (three special day class teachers, one full time and two part-time resource specialists, a part-time speech/language therapist, two pre-school special education teachers and a part-time teacher released on- assignment/counselor, part-time music and art teachers and itinerant special education staff.  Forty seven classified staff assist the site as custodial, secretarial, cafeteria, campus supervisor, instructional assistants, bilingual instructional assistants, and special education instructional assistants.  All but two certificated staff members are at least CLAD or SB1960 certified.  Six staff members have BCLADs.  Ramona Elementary School has no staff requiring an emergency credential.  The staff is a stable, committed group, two-thirds of whom have worked at the site for more than five years.


Ramona Elementary School has the following special programs:

  • School Improvement Program (SIP)
  • Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
  • Schoolwide Title I
  • Bilingual Education
  • Migrant Education
  • Indian Education
  • Special Education Program
  • Class Size Reduction
  • Oasis Tutoring
  • Adult Mentor
  • Vista Hills Learning Assistance Center
  • Early Literacy Intervention
  • Accelerated Schools Process
  • Extended Day Program


District/Community Resources

The school site is located adjacent to the District Office and the Montecito Alternative High School.  We are pleased to utilize the district support services for staff development training and have developed a working relationship with Montecito High School.  They supervise student tutors and include Ramona Elementary School students in their annual Renaissance Faire.  Community member support is evident in our school/business partnership with McDonalds and Washington Mutual Bank, our Adult Mentor Program through North Rural Recovery Center, as well as Oasis Reading Tutors.  Palomar Adult Education regularly supports our second language learners by offering both English and Spanish Literacy classes. CBET classes and the Parent Institute are offered yearly for parent support and education.   In addition, our PTA and ELAC support schoolwide family activities such as a hoe-down, 50’s dance, and Talent Show.


Organization and Structure/Unique Characteristics

During the 1998-99 school year, Ramona Elementary School, with state approval, conducted an alternative inquiry process (Accelerated Schools Process) to the traditional PQR (Program Quality Review).  The Accelerated Schools Process required, at minimum, a three-year commitment to schoolwide reform.  This reform effort consisted of a partnership with the San Diego County Office of Education’s Comprehensive Assistance Center and Stanford University’s Accelerated Schools Program.  This effort also involved training internal coaches and an external technical assistant in the Accelerated School’s model, Powerful Learning, and the Inquiry Model.  The school as a whole (parents, community, staff and students) then worked together to create a Vision for the future and to “Take Stock” through comprehensive data collection and analysis of where we were in relationship to the Vision.  This planning process and data collection and analysis continue yearly.  Our School Site Council and Steering Committee serve as one body to assist the school as a whole in decision making and planning.  This group consists of parent representatives from ELAC, GATE, Special Ed., Title I, certificated and classified staff.  Student input is sought as well.


This Schoolwide Title I Improvement Plan was developed through the joint efforts of parents, staff and students.  It reflects Ramona Elementary School’s commitment to the Accelerated School’s Process for improving academic performance of all students through empowerment with responsibility, core values and a continued strong vision.


Bicycle Rules

over 2 years ago

Bicycle Rules

  1. Students, grades 3-6, who ride bicycles to school should complete the Ramona Elementary Bicycle Safety program.
  2. Bicycles are to be placed in the bicycle rack with LOCKS on the bicycle.
  3. No students are to remain in the bike area, nor should they enter the bike area during the day.
  4. Bicycles are not to be ridden in the hallways or on the playground at any time.
  5. Walk bicycles across the street and down the sidewalks when entering or exiting the school.
  6. Enter and exit school along the sidewalks to the bike rack.
  7. Bicycles are not to be ridden on the school sidewalks or across campus at any time,
  8. Riding two people on a bicycle is unlawful and unsafe.
  9. Always obey all traffic laws, signs and signals.
  10. Keep bicycle in good mechanical condition.
  11. Bikers disobeying or defying Safety Patrol orders will be in jeopardy of losing bike riding privileges.
  12. Be respectful at all times to supervisors and fellow students.
  13. A discipline referral will be issued to students not following bicycle rules.
  14. Bicycle helmets are required when coming to or going home from school.

Bike Riders and walkers must cross at street corners or crosswalks only. This will be enforced.